Does everybody remember a few days back when our favorite hysterical anti-gay hate group leader, Porno Pete LaBarbera, posted a graphic picture of a diseased anus on his blog, in order to illustrate just how bad gayness is?

Juxtapose that with today, as Peter has posted the now-viral picture of the gay Marine kissing his partner upon arriving back in Hawai’i. But in this case, Peter found the shot too graphic, so he censored the liplock.

Here is the original:

And here is Porno Pete’s version:

Here’s why he did this, I think. Wingnuts like Porno Pete are in absolute denial of reality when it comes to things they fear. Since one of Porno Pete’s greatest fears [which will be realized] is that LGBT people will be accepted fully by society before too long, he’s desperately trying to hide from the reality of this picture, which shows two guys who love each other and who have been away from each other, reuniting the way that couples do. One jumps into the other’s arms, they kiss and for that moment, no one else exists. This is just how that works, and it doesn’t matter whether the couple is straight or gay. So Porno Pete is desperately trying to turn it into something dirty, because the reality of the matter is that the great majority of Americans see a picture like that and not only does it not bother them, but they think it’s sweet.

Because it is.