I am very excited about watching HBO movie “Game Change” on Saturday evening, which details Sarah Palin’s rise and fall as John McCain’s running mate. As in real life, she will come across as an incompetent buffoon. The movie has a star-studded cast:

Julianne Moore plays Ms. Palin and Woody Harrelson plays the campaign manager Steve Schmidt in the film, which was written by Danny Strong and directed by Jay Roach. In some scenes Ms. Palin is depicted as a inspirational leader who impressed campaign staffers with her Republican National Convention speech; in many other scenes she is portrayed as unable to answer basic political questions.

Just how ignorant and unprepared was Palin? A New York Times reviewer writes:

In the film, while Ms. Palin prepares for her first television interview, Mr. Schmidt asks her, “Governor, do you know what the Fed is?” and she stares blankly at him. When he asks, “Governor, do you know why we’re in Iraq?,” she says, incorrectly, “Because Saddam Hussein attacked us on 9/11.” Then Mr. Schmidt says to a senior adviser to Ms. Palin, Nicolle Wallace, “Well, she’s a great actress, right?” Ms. Wallace answers, “The best,” and he says, “Why don’t we just give her some lines?”

Needless to say, Sarah Palin is apoplectic about the movie:

In a Fox News interview on Saturday, Ms. Palin cast the film as a product of a “pro-leftist, pro-Barack Obama machine,” and added, “Hollywood lies are Hollywood lies.”  The film, they assert, was conceived by Hollywood liberals to undermine a future run for president by Ms. Palin, who has pre-emptively attacked the film as a work of fiction, though she says she has not seen it.

Well, there you go. Palin is going off on a film she has not seen. Once again, she has much to say, with much bombast, without doing her basic homework. Grab your popcorn, folks, this should be fun!!!