So, I’m watching the roundtable on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos today and instead of being able to concentrate on the talking heads, I’m distracted.


Because at the bottom of the screen, (See Picture) ABC is running non-stop Tweets from viewers. It was remarkably annoying and a real impediment to enjoying the show. Look ABC producers — if I wanted to watch Twitter, I’d be online, not viewing your damn show. Please stop treating us like we are all six years-old and have ADHD. It would be one thing if this was MTV — but the people who watch Sunday morning political talk shows usually have enough attention span where they don’t have to have multimedia hurled at them to stop them from turning the channel.

Am I alone with my annoyance of this new trend? What do you all think about this obnoxious phenomenon foisted on us by nitwit producers who get paid enough to know better?

Again, ABC, and all other producers — stop the live Twitter feeds and Facebook updates. It doesn’t make you seem cool, just out of touch with the demographic that is actually watching your shows.