According to one of America’s most entertaining wingnuts, Janet Porter, it is.  Here’s what she said on the radio about the evil AARP:

“Special rights for immoral behavior. Advocacy for same-sex marriage. Support for homosexual adoption. These are some of the things that the AARP does with the money from dues that they receive from the millions over the age of 50 that they’re supposed to represent. While many think of it as an organization that’s all about insurance, travel discounts, and group outings with friends, this is the very sad truth about the AARP. And, in spite of the fact that ObamaCare will probably lead to much more euthanasia and health care rationing for the elderly, AARP has been one of the leading supporters. If they don’t represent you, you can quit.”

Well, that’s interesting. The part about ObamaCare leading to euthanasia was a nice touch. Wingnuts are so ruled by fear of things that do not exist, I really don’t understand how they function in daily life.

[h/t Joe]