Tell the Haywood County, Tenn. School Board to Fire Rabidly Anti-Gay Principal

This is infuriating and makes my blood boil.

In Brownsville, Tenn., Haywood High School principal Dorothy Bond told gay students that they were “not on God’s path.”

According to reports, the obnoxious and offensive comments were made at a school assembly last month. Bond allegedly told students that gay people are “ruining their lives,” and she said public displays of affection among gay students could result in 60-day suspensions and even expulsion.

The ACLU says that this is not the first time Bond has made homophobic remarks, once telling a lesbian student that she would “go to hell” for being gay. Bond also reportedly has incorporated prayers and proselytizing into school events.

This unconstitutional, anti-gay abuse has no place in America’s public schools. Instead of doing her job by nurturing and protecting all students, Bond is singling out LGBT teenagers for ridicule and acting like a schoolyard bully.

Now is your chance to tell Bond to “Go to hell.”

Please tell the school board that Bond must be immediately fired for her outrageous comments and unprofessional, if not illegal, conduct. Clearly, she is unfit to serve in a neutral environment without forcing her backward views down the throats of vulnerable children.