A lot of public attention and criticism has been directed at Rev. Marcel Guarnizo, the Washington, D.C.-area priest who denied the Eucharist to a family member and bailed out in the middle of a deceased woman’s funeral last weekend. Naturally, folks are curious to know Fr. Marcel’s side of the story.

Washington Post blogger Mike Rosenwald sought out Guarnizo, in order to hear him out.

 I wondered how old Guarnizo is. I wondered if he was a nice guy. I wondered whether he was a rigid man, or a forgiving one.

Unfortunately, Guarnizo isn’t talking.

Until Guarnizo comments, this is what the public has seen in the past: A hardline public figure who defames a doctor who performs abortions and, Rosenwald observes, “compares the doctor and the act of abortion to the crimes and criminals of Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.” Watch, and compare to what Jesus would do:

Methinks we won’t be hearing an apology from Guarnizo to the bereaved family and other funeralgoers anytime soon.