Chris Barron, gay conservative person, in denial about the fact that his party has been taken over by the useful idiots who used to ensure their electoral successes:

If Rick Santorum wins tonight, Michigan may forever be known as the place the Republican Party went to die – a political Waterloo.

A Santorum win, in a *must* win state for Romney, would be the clearest sign to date that the conservative coalition within the Republican Party is coming apart at the seams.

Was already happening. Look at who’s voting in Republican primaries. For the most part, it’s bitter, old, white, xenophobic bigots. They are choosing the candidate they deserve.

Much has been made about the proverbial three-legged stool of the GOP: social conservatives, fiscal conservatives and foreign policy conservatives. A Santorum nomination effectively turns the party into a one-legged stool. Make no mistake about it, if Santorum is the nominee, something that was unthinkable just a few weeks ago, this election will become a referendum on the least popular and most-outdated parts of the conservative movement: opposition to birth control, hostility to gay people, etc.

I’m really confused as to which Republicans are being left out in this primary process. The teabaggers are effectively a dead movement, having been absorbed back into their erstwhile resentment zones in the Religious Right and on the Free Republic forums, or perhaps they just got tired. The “foreign-policy” conservatives have pretty much had it handed to them when it comes to, er, foreign policy — I mean, we’ve been fearmongering about Iran for how many decades, and, please, who killed bin Laden again? And the economy is, ahem, recovering.

Anyway, that’s not the point. Pass the popcorn.