Reading the “news” at OneNewsNow, the “news” arm of the American Family Association hate group, has always been amusing. The way they spin things, breathlessly fearmonger, etc., is a sight to behold. I’ve been reading OneNewsNow for a while, but even I had to stop and giggle at this little piece of reporting:

In 2007, the largely Christian town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas became the focus of national attention when the town leadership unanimously approved an ordinance permitting homosexual couples to register as domestic partners.

But according to Sam Ray, who heads America’s number-one attended outdoor drama, The Great Passion Play, it did not turn out to be the issue it was pumped up to be because homosexuals did not take over the town.

Oh, thank God! Was there a distinct worry in Outer Wingnuttia that, upon receiving the news of a domestic partnership registry in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Team Gay would hear the news and unleash an army of rainbow flags, disco balls and loving, committed same-sex couples on the Arkansas tourist hamlet?