Of all the insidious political groups in this country, the Girl Scouts of America are just the worst. Didn’t you know? Here, let some Indiana wingnut explain how they are just the worst:

A Fort Wayne lawmaker’s refusing to sign a resolution to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts.

He says he chose not to because of things he uncovered about the organization while surfing the web.

As we all know, everything on the internet is true.

State Representative Bob Morris says he won’t sign it because the organization supports abortion and homosexuality.

Not only supports them, but also requires them, is what I heard, on a wingnut website.

For their part, the Indiana Girl Scouts are sort of caught off guard, saying things like “Huh?” and “What in the…,” but Bob Morris still “encourages families to do some research before investing money or time into the organization,” I guess due to the possibility that some unsuspecting Indiana family will find a coupon for a free abortion in their box of Thin Mints.

I think we’ve officially reached Peak Wingnut, y’all.