The despicable rhetoric coming from Rick Santorum is getting quite literally insane. ABC News reports that today, he subtly compared President Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler and his rabid base of supporters to the Greatest Generation that defeated the dictator.

“Remember, the greatest generation for a year and a half, sat on the sidelines while Europe was under darkness, while our closest ally, Britain, was being bombed and leveled, while Japan was spreading its cancer all throughout Southeast Asia,” Santorum ominously told a packed, enthusiastic crowd at the First Redeemer Church in Cummings, Ga., Sunday, before traveling back to Ohio to campaign here today.

The audience at the church interrupted Santorum at least four times with wild applause, loving the red meat he was throwing to the conservative crowd. “We’re a hopeful people,” he continued. “We think, well, you know it’ll get better. After a while you find out some things about this guy over in Europe who’s not so good of a guy after all. … Sometimes, sometimes it’s not OK.

“It’ll be harder for this generation to figure it out. There’s no cataclysmic event,” Santorum concluded.

While Santorum conceded that Obama’s policies were not quite as horrific as Hitler’s war in Europe, the rising GOP front-runner cautioned that the president is “fundamentally restructuring America.”

How odd that a man who stands solidly against personal freedom and has such vivid totalitarian tendencies would draw upon such imagery when trashing Obama.

If Santorum gets the nomination, I am predicting a massive landslide election — with Obama crushing him by 15-20 points — which is almost impossible to achieve in such a divided nation. Santorum is simply too conservative for America and is out of touch, if not out to lunch, on social issues.