I agree with vacuumslayer here, that it’s almost mindblowing that, in the year 2012, we are having a political discussion about the merits of birth control. It’s obnoxious, and it really is exposing the undercurrent of misogyny which we’ve always said runs through the heart of the modern Republican party. Anyway, said vacuumslayer has posted an adult conversation on the subject, and it’s a thing of beauty. I’ll excerpt it here, but click over to read the whole thing, as it is a thing of beauty:

Here’s the thing–I’m talking to you, pedophile priests, rape apologists, fundie Christians, and misogynists (in other words, all the grown children of the world): People, being sexual beings, have sex. Half the people on the face of the earth are women. Yes, women have sex, too. Some people find sex pleasurable, and would like to have sex without the fear of getting pregnant. If you find this offensive, I suggest you do not have sex for any reason other than procreative ones. What I don’t suggest you do is tell me how and when to have sex. See, when you do that, you are not exercising your religious liberty, you are trying to exercise control over my life. This just will not do, and I won’t stand for it.

Awhile back, I decided that when it comes to matters of sex and sexuality, the best, most moral choice I could make was to not worry about what other people did in the bedroom. This has a couple of advantages. The great thing about not giving a sh*t about anybody else’s sex life is that you don’t have to give a sh*t about anybody else’s sex life. Plus, I don’t have to expend energy being an assholish moral scold. Whew. It’s so freeing. Y’all should try it sometime.


And for those sitting there going, “Why are gay websites so concerned with this women’s rights/birth control issue?,” I will simply state, again, that this is the same issue as the fight for LGBT equality. Same fight. Same opponents. Same religious, patriarchal bigotry. Same, same, same.