“Ex-gay” Greg Quinlan, who needs you to know that, even when he wasn’t repressing his natural desires, he wasn’t a “flaming faggot,” is really, really, well, really flaming upset about what’s going on with marriage equality in these here United States. One might even say he’s queening out over it. One would think that as the president of a hate group he wouldn’t get so breathlessly hysterical, but then again his screed is posted on the blog of another breathlessly hysterical hate group leader. Let’s look at what he has to say:

On Monday, the New Jersey Senate voted 24-16 to corrupt the definition of marriage to include homosexual couples. Many called it a civil right. Homosexuality is NOT a civil right. It simply does not measure up to the criteria of a civil right.

It would be too much to ask for Greg to define the criteria of a “civil right,” wouldn’t it?

Thursday (today) the Democrat-controlled New Jersey Assembly (lower Chamber) voted. There was a slim chance that it would not get the required 41 votes for passage. [But the “same-sex marriage” bill passed the by a vote of 42-33; New Jersey governor Chris Christie has vowed to veto the bill.]

Please pray for us and that the elected officials nationwide will do the right thing. And that the Lord God will accomplish His will any way He sees fit. May HE have mercy on this state, and this nation, which seems to have forgotten Him.

What if the way God accomplishes His will runs counter to Greg’s self-loathing bigotry?

Please pray for the other states facing the lie of homosexual “marriage.” A bill has just been introduced in Illinois to legalize counterfeit “gay marriage.’ It is mischievously titled the “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.”

The bill is “mischievously” titled. One might even call it “fierce!”

Maryland is under a more imminent threat of homosexual “marriage” as well as a bill that would enable transsexual, cross-dressing men to use the restrooms of women and young girls. INSANITY.

Now this is one of those moments where the utter brainwashing of being a wingnut really shines through. As a “former gay activist,” even if he still really needs us to know he wasn’t a nelly queer, Greg Quinlan should know full well that the Religious Right fearmongering about “cross-dressing men” using the little girls’ room is absolutely disgusting and simply not based in fact. He theoretically should have an understanding, at least, of what the issue is about, even if he disagrees with it. But he’s become his own abuser and apparently needs to please his new wingnut gods, so he just lies. He’s a man of stellar character.

In Washington State, legislators passed homosexual “marriage” and imposed it upon their citizens, with the help of the state’s governor, Christine Gregoire, a new “gay marriage convert who ignored the dictates of her own Catholic religion to usher in this radical redefinition of an ancient institution. However, the people of Washington State are now working to get the issue on the ballot so that citizens decide whether to reverse the homosexual “marriage” law.

And if they get it on the ballot and the voters uphold marriage equality, expect a hysterical screed from Greg condemning the activist voters of Washington state.

New Hampshire is in a similar situation to Washington State (conterfeit “gay marriage” has been legal since 2009; see this Concord Monitor article on the GOP-led effort to repeal homosexual “marriage”). Minnesota voters will be able to vote on a statewide referendum this November to amend their state constitutions to preserve man-woman marriage, while North Carolina has a pro-traditional marriage amendmet vote in early May.

Iowans fired three of the judges that imposed homosexual “marriage” on them at the ballot box. They are now trying to reverse their dictatorial decision by putting it on the ballot.

Blah blah blah, more good news, and some gross news from Minnesota and North Carolina. On balance, though, we’re so winning.

California’s marriage battle will likely go to the U.S. Supreme Court, where Barack Obama appointed potential lesbian Elena Kagan and ultra liberal Sonia Sotomayer – who will both likely will decide against natural, God-ordained marriage.

Elena Kagan, the “potential lesbian.” If she would only apply herself!

The assault on natural marriage and rebellion against God is so vicious now that we need prayer for these individual states and our nation.

God save us from ourselves.

That last line…something about it…it just sums up what it means to be a wingnut. To be so frightened of one’s own inner desires, urges, hopes and dreams that they need authority figures [in this case God, but it can just as easily be the Pope or Tony Perkins or some wingnut pastor] to protect them from themselves.

Anyway, from Greg’s report, we can see that things are actually going pretty well on the marriage equality front. We already knew that this “culture war” was basically won, simply due to demographics, but it’s nice to see a bird’s eye view of how fast things are moving. Thanks, Greg!