Montgomery County’s school board may have finally had enough of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) deeply homophobic shenanigans. News reports say that the Board may re-examine its policy of handing out fliers of all non-profit organization after PFOX exploited the policy by slipping 8,000 hate fliers into student packets.

The result might be that the school system no longer will allow groups to send materials home with students.

“For many students it was a very hurtful message,” Board member Philip Kauffman (At large) said of PFOX’s flier.

Well, that is the aim of PFOX — to deeply wound LGBT students and bully them into feeling so terrible about themselves that they feel they must “pray away the gay” to be accepted by society. Truth Wins Out will be suing PFOX in the very near future for defamation.

Last week, Truth Wins Out sent an open letter to Montgomery School Superintendent Joshua Starr strongly urging him to stop disseminating “ex-gay” fliers. TWO strongly believes that the School District is not obligated to hand out the fliers because the individuals that make up the organization constitute a clear and present danger to the mental health and well-being of students.

The health of students should always come first and protecting teenagers from harm is the primary duty of any school district. PFOX’s President, Greg Quinlan refers to gays as “flaming faggots” and its board member, Peter Sprigg, believes in jailing gays and once said they should be “exported” from America.