Meanwhile, President Barack Obama withstood a barrage of criticism by the Catholic Bishops the past few weeks over this issue — and the New York Times reports today that his popularity rating has reached the critical 50-percent mark.

The rise in his polling numbers primarily reflects the economy. However, it also shows the impotence of the Catholic bishops and how their campaign against women has backfired terribly. If Rick Santorum gets the nomination, look for a major backlash from women against the GOP and the biggest gender gap in the modern history of presidential politics.

Combine these factors with Republican Big Government overreaches on issues that affect women — such as Virginia’s draconian and intrusive ultrasound abortion bill that just passed.

The GOP’s attack on women, the intransigent extremism of the Catholic bishops, and Santorum’s Bronze Age mentality — may spell a landslide for the ever-more-popular President Obama.