I think this speaks for itself. Alvin sent this to Peter LaBarbera, in regards to Peter’s newfound obsession with that weird Patrick Wooden rent-a-pastor, as well as their attacks on the NAACP, Al Sharpton and other respected black leaders:

Peter, you are way out of your league here. The NAACP has existed long before you bought your first pair of chaps and your first camera to take photos of gay men which of course is “for research.”


It doesn’t matter who you drudge up to take part in your silly, unsuccessful attempts to gain attention because when it comes down to it, the black community will pick Al Sharpton, President Obama, and Ben Jealous over you and your cavalcade of jackleg Atlanta and North Carolina pimps masquerading as men of God.

Do everyone a favor, Peter. Slap on some chaps over the pasty butt of yours, strap on a camera, and go back to taking pictures of gay men in lurid acts while secretly wishing that you can take part in them.

That’s all you are good for and nothing else. You see, when it comes to issues of gay equality and the African-American community, adults have the floor and you really need to take heed of the advice that you don’t dip into grown folks’ conversation.

DAMN! Remind me never to anger Alvin…

Also, read his whole post.