Google put together a “doodle” for Valentine’s Day. It’s cute. At the end, there is a section that shows various couples, and one of them is [hits the fainting couch] two men. Surely couples of that sort don’t exist, and if they do, Google shouldn’t acknowledge them! Bring on the outrage, Tim Graham of Newsbusters:

Valentine’s Day is a big day that gay-left advocates expect their love to be honored as just the same.

Meh, it’s a love fest for the corporations that reap in tons of money, and if gay couples want to celebrate it, fine, but I’ve been to a LOT of secret gay agenda meetings, and Valentine’s Day just isn’t discussed much. Also, this.

The Washington Post’s Valentine story today made sure to include gay couples, and so does today’s Google doodle, at the end of an animated video about a boy and a girl jumping rope.

The animation’s finish includes a half-dozen tiles featuring various ”couples,” including an astronaut and an alien; a dog and a cat; and a frog and a prince, reported the Post’s Michael Cavna. “Some early viewers of the Doodle wondered whether the tile featuring two tuxedoed men holding hands would stir any controversy.” Says the animator, Michael Lipman: “I think Google was pretty aware of everybody in those final squares and they decided [them] with purpose.”

Scare quotes around “couples,” because all of those “couples” are offensive to Tim Graham, I suppose. Especially the astronaut and the alien. That’s just not how it works.

Gay advocates would likely claim that the cartoon before the end is awfully “heteronormative.” Perhaps they’ll complain that they don’t like to be compared to love between an astronaut and a space alien.

At first I read this and thought, “what world does Tim Graham live in and what gay people would say something so stupid?,” but then I realized it was a wingnut attempt at humor. Blink and you miss it, and if you don’t know the cardinal signs of wingnut attempts at humor, it will escape you entirely.

Tim ends his post by mentioning [with implied horror, I assume] a picture of a black gay male couple in the Washington Post, and then he’s done, presumably because in wingnut world, one needs no argument beyond “blackity black black gay gay gay gurgle blurgle meh!” It’s sort of their version of Q.E.D.

[h/t Roy]