Conservatives are beginning to call for Newt Gingrich’s large, pasty, inflated head on a platter. The National Review Online is leading the charge with an editorial asking Gingrich to drop out and endorse Frothy Mix. In their knee-cap of Newt, the editors said it would be a mistake for Republican voters to nominate someone with “such poor judgment and persistent unpopularity” to be the party’s standard bearer.They also said that Mr. Santorum had been “conducting himself rather impressively” after his recent victories in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.

Speaking of Santorum (I hope no one was having a late breakfast when reading this phrase), a new poll puts him ahead of Mitt Romney. According to the New York Times:

A New York Times/CBS News poll released Tuesday morning showed Mr. Santorum surging among Republican primary voters nationwide, lifted by support among conservatives, evangelical Christians and Tea Party supporters.

In the new poll, 30 percent of Republican primary voters say they support Mr. Santorum, compared with 27 percent for Mr. Romney. While Mr. Santorum’s lead is essentially a tie with Mr. Romney because it is within the margin of sampling error, it reflects a significant jump for him from earlier polls.

The two other major candidates are further behind, at 12 percent for Ron Paul and 10 percent for Newt Gingrich. Mr. Gingrich’s numbers have fallen sharply since his win in South Carolina on Jan. 21.

It seems the GOP race is now between The Insincere (Romney) vs. The Insane (Santorum). Although, the way things are going in this tumultuous race, The Unstable (Newt) should stay in because he will likely get one more chance if he performs well in the South.

Grab a beer and take a seat. The freak show continues.