It turns out that so-called conservatives absolutely LOVE big government spending and gleefully celebrate it with each Washington check they rush to cash. Who would have guessed that their financial hypocrisy eclipses their legendary sexual hypocrisy?

A story in today’s New York Times is a devastating indictment of the Republican Party and a conservative movement that, once again, says “do as I say, not as I do.” They love to accuse Obama of being a socialist — but the facts show that today’s most prolific socialists are actually Republicans. Here are the raw facts using graphs from the Times.

In so-called “Red States” it is the blue counties whose residents depend less on Washington spending. (Note: Red areas show heavy federal spending and green areas signify less money from DC)

In “Blue States” it is clear that it is the conservative areas that are joyously sucking all the money out of Washington, even as they bitch and moan about “Big Bad Government.”


At the end of the day, you have generous liberals in progressive enclaves who don’t need DC-dough, yet are kind enough to elect public officials that will strengthen the safety net which disproportionally goes into the greedy hands of conservatives, who then deride the very liberals and government who are actually paying their bills.

Note to the socialist conservatives — if you hate government so much, show some personal responsibility and integrity and stop cashing the damn checks. We liberals are fed up with supporting ungrateful, unappreciative, solipsistic malcontents.