Dan Blatt of Gay Patriot, in the comments section of his piece reporting on the Washington legislature passing a marriage equality bill:

I voted against Prop 22 in 2000 and Prop 8 in 2008. And regret that they are valid.

As long as they don’t prevent the couples from living together, they pass constitutional muster.

If that statement is true, so are the following:

1. As long as they don’t prevent interracial couples from living together, it’s okay to ban their marriages.

2. As long as they let black people ride on buses, it’s okay for them to be forced to ride in the back.

3. As long as they provide black people a water fountain, it’s okay to ban them from using the white people water fountain…

Just sayin’. How there is a certain segment of the population, even among the gay community [?!?!?!] that still does not understand that people’s fundamental RIGHTS should not, ultimately, be handed out or denied by simple majority votes, is beyond me. That third branch of government was sorta created for a reason…

Granted, it’s fine when legislatures and voters do support our equality, but ideally, things like this should not be left up to the whims of the majority.