Porno Pete had another one of his fireside chats with Patrick Wooden, the man who has made a national joke of himself in the past few weeks by claiming that gay men put iPhones in their butts, that we always have to wear butt plugs, and moreover, that Pam Spaulding would be just great if she found the love of a good man who would give her the business on a regular basis, in the name of God, of course.

It’s an audio interview, which you can hear if you go to Americans For Truth Dot Com, but for now, let’s just make fun of Porno Pete’s intro. He invited D.L. Foster, the “ex-gay” whose self-hatred is so intense that he blames gay children for their own suicides. Stellar cast of characters here:

Homosexual activists have sought to make fun of Wooden for describing in these AFTAH interviews) the body-destroying perversions associated with male homosexuality.

“Sought?” No, we’ve made fun of him handily and successfully, because the unhinged Wooden wingnut doesn’t really know what the hell he’s talking about, but is more than fixated with anal sex, for reasons unknown.

But LaBarbera, noting that the Homosexual Lobby a “sin movement,” says one would expect it to yield heinous perversions like “fisting,” rimming and “water sports” (“gay” slang for men urinating on and in one another for sexual pleasure).

Porno Pete knows these things are common because his photography collection presumably tells him so. Of course, it goes without saying that it’s truly bizarre for these three men to be sitting around obsessing over other people’s sex lives. It’s disturbing.

Foster says that the portrayal of himself, Wooden and other Black leaders who participated in AFTAH’s Jan. 17 press conference [click HERE for audio] outside the Southern Poverty Law Center headquarters as somehow being controlled by “white organizers” “highlights the high level of racist arrogance inside the homosexual movement” – which he said he experienced when he was active as a homosexual. “The white gay movement needs to deal with its own latent racism,” he said. Wooden said he’s never been called “Nigger” so much (by white “gay” activists) than since his interviews with AFTAH went public.

Let’s go backward through this bullshit:

Which white gay activists have called Wooden that name? Prominent ones? Anybody I would know? I highly doubt that. It is true that there is a fair amount of white privilege in the gay community [sort of like how there is a fair amount of white privilege in greater society — gays don’t get a pass], and there is racism to contend with. Certainly. But let us please not be silly and pretend that this is a distinctly “gay” problem. Moreover, it hasn’t just been white activists who have pointed out that Porno Pete and his cohort cynically co-opt black pastors and leaders in order to “prove” [to themselves, I guess, as they’re not fooling anyone else] that they’re not bigots. Indeed, Pam Spaulding, who has STILL not heeded Wooden’s suggestion to find a totally hot Christian guy, said this about it the other day:

When those excursions failed to bring in enough dough from conservative little old ladies on Social Security, he found a new gravy train — hooking up (not literally, of course) as other white social conservative anti-gays-for-pay have done, is to trot out groups of rent-a-black pastors to hold sad little press conferences, ostensibly to say “look, we’re not bigots, here are men of God who think you all are diseased/pathological/perverted sinners who don’t deserve civil rights either….AND OUR PEEPS ARE BLACK.”

Enter one Rev. Patrick Wooden, the latest minister to pimp himself to Jesus the professional anti-gay set. He has been hard at work trying to deny LGBT residents in the state of North Carolina any kind of civil rights protections by conflating church and state matters. Actually, it’s worse than that. While he parrots the usual bible-beating lines, he seems to have spent most of the time in the past week displaying his, um, deep interest in unusual purported sex acts (gay men using iPhones, gerbils, etc. as sex toys) that makes you wonder what his sermons must be like (or based on).

Unless she’s really put one over on us and is indeed a “white gay activist,” I have it on good authority that Pam is a black woman. Wooden and Foster perhaps are unable to see the way that white conservative Christian male leaders use them, but that is their problem. Not Pam’s. Not mine.

Foster and LaBarbera talk about the case of Jesse Dirkhising, a 13-year-old Arkansas boy who was raped and grotesquely sodomized in 1999 by two older homosexual men who left him for dead after drugging, gagging and penetrating him with foreign objects including a cucumber.

A heinous crime. You’ll find no gay activist or run-of-the-mill person saying anything different. Of course, pedophilia and murder are two things that Porno Pete, D.L. Foster, Wayne Besen and I agree are grotesque, awful things. It’s truly perverted that, thirteen years later, these men are sitting around dredging up this tragedy in order to further their insipid campaign against gay people. I mean, it’s not like self-identified straight people have ever raped and killed children, is it, Pete and friends? Moreover, are we to ignore the reality that pedophilia is much more prevalent among straight-identified people, or that every honest researcher who has looked into the matter has found no correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia? Should we use the thousands of cases of straight people abusing and killing children in order to argue against the heterosexual lifestyle? I think not. But then again, my side of the culture war has integrity. Porno Pete’s does not.

Okay, I’m bored now. As I said, if you want to listen to the whole interview, go to Porno Pete’s Dungeon of “Pro-Family” Doom And Fetish Photography.