Remember Eddie Long? You know, Bishop Biceps, the homophobic, muscle shirt-wearing megachurch pastor who settled out of court with four teenage boys who accused him of coercing them into sexual relationships?

Well guess what? He’s now a king. Just ask him.

According to a CNN article, Long held a “crowning ceremony” at a recent Sunday service at his New Birth Missionary Church outside of Atlanta. In it, a man purporting to be a rabbi (but whose ordination is dubious, according to Rabbi Hillel Norry, an established Georgia rabbi) wrapped Long in a Torah scroll that he claimed had been recovered from the Auschwitz concentration camp.

After that astonishing display of disrespect, four congregants lifted the seated Long and paraded him in front of the assembled worshippers as the questionable rabbi, Ralph Messer, proclaimed Long to be a king.

Norry pointed out to CNN that the alleged “Holocaust Torah” most probably did not pass through Auschwitz because its large size meant it would have likely been detected in the concentration camp. Still, the mere fact that Bishop Biceps felt comfortable participating in such a profane ceremony at all, much less one that mistreated a scroll with that kind of story attached to it (regardless of its authenticity), is incredibly disturbing.

Looks like the gays aren’t the only group that Eddie Long has no problem flagrantly disrespecting.

VIDEO: Eddie Long Crowned “King”