Scott Lively, hate group leader extraordinaire, speaking at a church in California:

I want to just attack this idea that people have raised that homosexuality is just another sin because that’s not true and the more that we embrace that, the more that we accept that as a concept, the more distant we are from understanding the warning that God gives us when we see this phenomenon in our society.

Gay is especially bad! And not only because gay is the thing that Scott Lively is unnaturally fixated with!

When you see the gay pride parade going down the street in the major cities, what banner are they flying over them? They’re flying the banner of the rainbow. What is the rainbow? The rainbow is God’s covenant with man never to destory the Earth by water again …

God never promised not to send a flood of gays to cover the earth. Loophole!

So there’s an enormous warning there and, at the same time, we’re also given a clue as to what’s happening with apostasy in the modern age when people will raise the rainbow flag – and there’s a passage in Isiah, I forget the chapter and verse, that says “they parade their sin like Sodom.” And that is what is exactly going on with people who have defined themselves by this particular behavior and lifestyle. They parade their sin like Sodom. And they do it under the rainbow banner almost as if they’re saying “God, you can do nothing to us” because they don’t believe that Sodom was destroyed because of homosexuality so they aren’t learning the lesson from that.

Because the only way you can believe that Sodom was destroyed because of homosexuality is if you A. Have been taught that repeatedly and never looked at the verses for yourself, B. Only halfway glance at a bad translation and also do not own or know how to use a concordance, as the actual sin of Sodom is explained fourteen times throughout the Bible, and it’s not Gay, or C. Are like Scott Lively, and have such a weird, unhinged hatred of gay people that, even though you’re theoretically capable of studying the text for yourself, you simply continue lying because it props up your smelly bigotry.

In fifty years we have seen this tiny group of people – they really only represent about two percent of the population – that has grown from being a reviled subculture to now having more power in the legislatures and courtrooms of the world than the Christian church does.

Uh, no.

In fifty years! Nothing has ever grown that fast globally, nothing. Not Islam, not Darwinism, not Marxism, nothing has ever grown that fast. Which shows you that this is a spiritual phenomenon that is unparallelled and that’s why God has selected it, singled out this particular behavior to be the indicator of extreme apostasy, the furthest edge of deviance and the warning sign that things are in really, really bad shape.

Islam is a huge, ancient world religion with over a billion adherents. Darwinism is what morons call “evolutionary biology,” and as such, its “spread” is referred to as “education.” Etc. But none of these things have grown faster than GAAAAAAAY, says Scott.

Perhaps it’s more that none of those things keep Scott Lively awake shivering at night, and that’s why he views the gays as more powerful.

Oy. The more he talks, the more I’m inclined to feel sorry for him. Right Wing Watch has the video.