I can’t even deal with this interview Michelangelo Signorile did with anally-fixated North Carolina pastor Patrick Wooden, much less figure out what parts to excerpt and block quote, but let me just say that his responses to Mike’s questions are the most logically incoherent thing I’ve ever seen. The good pastor seems to be just as misinformed about straight sex as he is about gay sex.

Oh, here’s one quote, to give you an idea of the weirdness that is Patrick Wooden:

Women use [lubrication]. Men and women have anal sex too.

The issue was less of anal sex in and of itself but sex with a member of the same sex.

So something different happens to men who have anal sex than women who have anal sex?

I would imagine if a woman was to participate in anal sex, I would imagine she would not have anal sex as often as two men do because [women] have a vagina.

Sometimes they just like it.

I know of cases like that, and I know one case in particular where the person just enjoyed it until severe medical problems happened.

Wingnuts. What do you do with them?

[h/t Pam]