Well…this explains a lot

Tennis great Margaret Court claims homosexuality is often the result of sexual abuse.

Amid a growing backlash over her opposition to same-sex marriage, the three-time Wimbledon champion told The Sunday Mail “many, many” gay and lesbian people she knew of had “been abused” and this had led to their sexual orientation.

… “We get them (homosexuals) in (at church) and you’ll find that many, many of them have been abused”. When asked if she felt such abuse led people to homosexuality, Court said: “Yes. You look at a lot of them, that’s happened.”

In a wide-ranging interview, Court also said:  “The word of God is our TV guide to life.“…

(Emphasis mine)  Yes.  Of course it is Margaret.

Afternoon – Evening

(4) All My DisciplesSerial
Jesus is arrested after being kissed in public by Judas. The disciples run from the authorities, some naked.

(7) Promise Land GardeningHome & Garden
Moses on the care and feeding of burning bushes.

(9) Lot’s KitchenCooking
A touch of salt wakes up any dish.

(11) Paul of Tarsus, No ReservationsTravel
Places you’ll want to visit on the road to Damascus. Sunglasses are a must.

(13) God’s Law and Order – Special Leviticus UnitDrama
A woman is convicted of witchcraft when it is found she weighs less then a duck.

So let me get this straight Margaret… Loving, devoted same-sex couples can’t be allowed to marry or have the same civil rights as you because Christianity is like watching television and good Christians are basically couch potatoes who always do what the TV tells them to. They never reach out to strangers, never work for social justice, never, ever take their eyes away from the glass teat and look outside the window every now and then, and when one of those ads comes on appealing for help for the poor, sick, downtrodden and outcast they reach for their handy TV guide and change the channel. That about sum it up?