Tennessee, for a second we were worried that you were losing steam in the America’s Stupidest State contest, what with the legislator in Oklahoma introducing a bill to ban the use of aborted fetuses in food the other day. We were worried how you would respond to this upping of the stupid ante, but you have delivered. We knew you would. Of course, yesterday, Tennessee wingnut senator Stacey Campfield asserted that AIDS came from this one time when a gay pilot had sexytime with a monkey in Africa, and that you can’t get AIDS from heterosexual sex, and all kinds of other bat crazy nonsense.

Today I got an e-mail from MoveOn.org asking me to sign a petition demanding that another Tennessee redneck legislator resign for these remarks:

To be delivered to: The Tennessee State House, The Tennessee State Senate, and Governor Bill Haslam

State Rep. Richard Floyd does not have the right to threaten transgendered women in his state. Hate speech like this should not be tolerated! Stop the cycle of hate now!

State Rep. Richard Floyd threatened to “stomp a mudhole” into any transgender woman who uses a public restroom in Tennessee. “Stomp a mudhole,” according to Urban Dictionary, means “To tear someone a new ass, to beat them to near death or to otherwise hurt someone to the point that they can not fight back.” We cannot tolerate such hate!

Nice! Tennessee is not only known for how intelligent our elected officials are, but also for the classy way they choose their words. It’s fair to say Tennessee has reclaimed her America’s Dumbstupidest title, I think.

Your move, Oklahoma.

Sign the petition here.