Ken_HutchersonUm, Laurel at Pam’s joint  has pointed out that Ken Hutcherson, the extremely sad and pathetic pastor in Washington State who is mostly known for embarrassing himself in front of the Microsoft Corporation [just check his Wikipedia page for a quick chronicle of his lifetime of failing], has a new-ish website. As Ken is one of those Fundamentalists who prides himself on his super duper manhood, even while the rest of the world looks at him and thinks, “wow, what is he trying to compensate for?,” I figure it should be fun to look for the obvious hilarity on his new little internet venture. Shall we? We need go no further than his hilarious introduction:

Welcome to the Hutchpost!

How would you like to be a big black man

Strange way to lead off, but intriguing. GO ON:

who is conservative, friends with the likes of Dr. James Dobson and Rush Limbaugh

Oh hell. One abuses dachschunds, the other is Rush Limbaugh. Great company you keep, dude.

someone who believes that there are no mistakes in the Bible

Wait, why did he start this thing by saying, “How would you like to be a big black man?” I can’t get past it. Is he offering some sort of change therapy?

doesn’t care what people think of him, thinks the only way to make your enemy a friend is to defeat them or kill them

Awwwwwww, makes him feel like a Big Man to say things like that. BIG MAN.


thinks it is okay for prisoners to be executed

Just in general. No specificity as to which prisoners. Yet again. BIG MAN.

thinks that the human race is at the top of the food chain, thinks it is okay to drill for oil in our own country, to kick illegals out of that same country, and thinks it’s okay to enjoy life?

I am about infusing the culture with biblical truth, where ever and whenever I can no matter what the cost…

Join me as we explore God’s Biblical Blueprint for an ordered, just and fair society.

Whatever. I hope it makes Hutch feel better to say all kindsa tuff stuff on the internet. The fact that it looks pathetic to the rest of us, well…wingnuts never have been the most self-aware human beings on the planet.

Laurel does point out that Ken is the guy leading the fight against marriage equality in Washington State.