Elaine Donnelly, whose “job” I assumed would have disappeared by now — all she ever really did was fight against gays serving in the military, and that bird has flown — is very upset with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul for failing to pledge to re-weaken the United States military by reinstating Don’t Ask Don’t Tell:

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR), coordinated the survey. She says she is disappointed that Romney recently told the Des Moines Register he does not plan to change the law mandating homosexual military service.

“Governor Romney told the Des Moines Register that, well, yes — Congress shouldn’t have rushed the repeal bill through, but it’s happened now, and the wars are winding down, so now it’s okay,” Donnelly notes. “That was disappointing because it’s just like with ObamaCare — Congress made a huge mistake in passing that law.”

And the CMR president does not understand why the issue of “gays” in the military has not created the same outrage that followed ObamaCare.

“All of the Republicans are saying it is time to repeal ObamaCare. Why then would we say that the mistake made by the lame-duck Congress with regard to our military should be allowed to stand indefinitely?” she wonders.

Time for an episode of Simple Answers to Stupid Questions, Elaine: the reason the issue of gays serving openly in the military has not created any outrage is that a super-majority of Americans supported repealing the bigoted law. I do understand that wingnuts have to tell themselves thousands of lies per day in order to keep their heads from exploding, but in all the months leading up to repeal, every poll showed that Americans thought the ban on open service was stupid and bigoted. Ergo, repeal did not lead to “outrage.” Or, simpler: Elaine, nobody cares what people like you think about these sorts of issues anymore, save for the shrinking segment of the population that lives in your hateful, misinformed little echo chamber.