If you live in Indiana, you can now get a special license plate, a portion of the proceeds from which will go to the Indiana Youth Group, which works with issues related to LGBT teens across that state. If you are a normal person, your reaction to this is somewhere between shrugging and being happy that an LGBT youth group has been added to the myriad organizations which benefit from customized license plates. If you are a wingnut from the American Family Association, you are blowing a gasket:

A pro-family activist has said Indiana ignored the health issues involved in the homosexual lifestyle when it decided to issue an LGBT license plate.


Micah Clark, Executive Director for the American Family Association, said the DMV’s decision to approve the plate was troubling when one considers the tremendous health risks associated with the homosexual lifestyle.

The Center for Disease Control says that practicing homosexual men accounted for 61% of new HIV infections, despite being only 2% of the U.S. population. Homosexual men aged 13-29 accounted for 27% of the new cases.

“You have to question what the DMV was thinking when they approved a license plate for a group which recruits teens into the homosexual lifestyle. Since health risks do not seem to matter, what is to prevent a cigar club from now getting a license plate from the DMV?”

Oh, Micah is one of those really, really confused wingnuts who still thinks that gays recruit. Poor thing. Most of the wingnuts who believe that died in the 80’s. How did reality miss him?

Also, we will simply note that it’s still grotesque to watch “pro-family” leaders, who seriously do not care about how many gay people die, whether from being bullied to death, or from AIDS, concern troll about the “health risks of homosexual behavior.” If they actually cared, they would get on board with real, grown-up sexual education, for all people, including LGBT people, and with making prevention a priority. They would not be spewing alternate-reality hatred about groups “recruiting teens into the homosexual lifestyle.” As usual, it is their ideology they care about, and nothing more.

One more thing, to the journalist who wrote the piece: it is highly misleading to refer to Clark as a “pro-family activist.” He is the spokesperson for a well-known and certified hate group, and nothing more.