Yet another study confirming that the Religious Right’s nonsense about gays being unfit parents is just that — nonsense:

A new study has found that teens raised by lesbian parents report the same quality of life as teens raised by heterosexual parents.


Researchers followed 78 17 year olds with lesbian mothers who were matched on gender, age, parental education and ethnic background with adolescents in heterosexual-parent families that were drawn from a representative statewide sample.

The adolescents in both groups gave a numerical score (on a scale of zero to 10) to each of a series of statements such as, “I feel I’m getting along with my parents/guardians,” “I look forward to the future’’ and “I feel good about myself.” The adolescents with lesbian mothers responded generally in the same way as the teenagers with heterosexual parents.

“Our new data demonstrate that 17-year-olds raised from birth by lesbian mothers are as happy as their peers,” the study’s co-author, Loes van Gelderen, wrote.

Unsurprising, but good to have yet more confirmation.