Oh, let’s check in with old Chuck Colson, for funsies:

Certainly our freedom of religion can’t be trumped by the right “to love the way you want to.” Can it?

No, and the actual constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion are in no way affected by equal rights for LGBT people. Perhaps Colson is referring to the rights he thinks are part of religious freedom, but actually aren’t, such as the right to trample on everybody else’s lives in order to feel internally okay about one’s place in the world.

It started as a drip, drip, drip. Then the flow increased, and now it’s a gusher.

Must we talk about Santorum?

The Obama Administration has decided to promote and emphasize lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered rights — and it is doing so at the expense of God-given freedom of religion.

Those are tough words, but regrettably, true words.

No, the Obama administration is doing absolutely nothing to religious conservatives. They’re just so used to their victim stance that they’re assuming that their way of life is being destroyed. Seriously, they’re fine.

Did you catch that? In one sentence, little noticed at the time, Mrs. Clinton showed the Administration’s true priorities. In one fell swoop, she changed our God-given right to freedom of religion, a public act, to a much more restricted “freedom of worship,” a private act, which any Chinese official could go along with.

Conspiracies, conspiracies, everywhere! Hillary Clinton has a secret plan to convert American religious freedom into a Chinese system where you can only be a Christian behind the locked doors of your own house! Again, really, freedom of religion is about being free to hold whatever beliefs you want and practice them in your own life. In other words, Chuck Colson’s practice of his religion shouldn’t have a negative effect on my life, and vice versa.

Just last month, the Secretary told a gathering of diplomats that “gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.”

Yep. It’s not an alarming proposition, unless you have a problem with the idea that gays are humans.

As I mentioned before on BreakPoint, this is a disastrous foreign policy. African nations are already up in arms, and it certainly isn’t going to help us with Muslim nations, who view U.S. advocacy for homosexuality as proof of Western decadence.

Put differently, he’s saying that a better American foreign policy would be to appease the dictators of Africa and the Middle East. Chuck Colson is nothing but an appeaser, I guess. This is why it’s fun to watch the neo-con wing and the religious wingnut wing of the conservative movement go at it.

Not to be outdone, President Obama told a pro-gay-rights group, “Every single American — gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender — every single American deserves to be treated equally before the law.”


Can you see where all this is headed?

Toward equal rights for LGBT people?

But how, you might ask, does elevating so-called LGBT rights actually threaten religious rights? Well, as Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York has said, framing homosexual marriage as a civil right equates those who oppose it with those who practice either “intentional or willfully ignorant racial discrimination.”

That may be true. Public opinion is quickly moving further into our column on these issues, and it’s likely that one day in this century, anti-gay bigots will be viewed with as much derision as the hangers-on in Mississippi who still haven’t wrapped their heads around the Loving v. Virginia decision. That being said, those hangers-on still have all the rights they always did.

Dolan is predicting “a national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions and to the detriment of both institutions.” Friends, no one wants to oppress gays,

Certainly not convicted Watergate felon Chuck Colson.

but what happens to right to practice our religion, which does not allow us to accept “gay marriage”?

You get to keep practicing it, just like you always did, since the nice gay couple down the street isn’t specifically asking for your acceptance of anything beyond reality. On a personal level, I don’t accept Chuck Colson’s ignorant, bigoted beliefs about basically everything, but I defend his right to hold them. He should grow up and extend LGBT people the same courtesy. Or he can just whine for the rest of his life.

Either. It’s not going to change the tide of history.