Wayne posted below on how much Rick Santorum, AKA Ol’ Frothy Mix, loves earmarks. Also, the following things happened today involving the world’s most pathetic presidential candidate:

1. Maybe the reason Rick Santorum wants so badly to ban contraception and abortion and women being able to breathe without first asking permission has less to do with his morals and more to do with the fact that his wife’s super-sexy ex-boyfriend is an abortion provider. HUH. I don’t know, but it’s interesting news nonetheless.

2. Speaking of Mrs. Santorum, she would like all of you gays to please be nicer to her husband. You see, the fact that he doesn’t believe in your fundamental dignity as human beings enough to set aside his moral bigotry in order to support your equal rights — no, no, that would be too American of him — doesn’t mean he hates you. He just thinks you’re lesser than he is. That’s all. Here’s Karen Santorum, replying to the mother of a gay son:

“I think it’s very sad what the gay activists have done out there. They’ve vilified him and it’s so wrong. Rick does not hate anyone. He loves them. What he has simply said is marriage shouldn’t happen. But as far as hating, it’s very unfortunate that that has happened. And a lot of it is backyard bullying.”

Said Rick: “This is a public policy difference. And the problem is that some see that as a personal assault.”

He went on to reply that children deserve a mother and father and unless that is promoted there will be less of it,” adding: .. There’s all sorts of other relationships that people have, and they are valuable relationships — whether they are amorous relationships or friendship relationships or familial relationships — they’re all important, they all have value they all should be affirmed. But that does not mean that we should change the laws to order — to create an atmosphere where children and families are not being promoted.”

Of course, studies show that Rick Santorum, and his wife, are simply spouting off make-believe crap when they assert that children do best with tradishnully married couples. Indeed, some studies show the kids of gay and lesbian parents doing better than the kids of straight people, simply because our kids are much more likely to be planned.

Here’s video of this latest frothing bigotry: