Yesterday he was all mad at Israel, but today Porno Pete has shifted gears so that he may tell Archie Comics to get off his lawn. Tomorrow it’ll be, oh, who knows, Trapper Keepers? You see, Archie Comics just featured a gay wedding and Peter whined to Crosstalk about this because:

It’s really manipulative. Of course they are going to have a solider having a homosexual so-called marriage with a black, so it’s interracial, they want to work that in there, which is fine, interracial marriage is good but not between two men, and he was the physical therapist for this soldier so they’re really manipulating these kids. Here you are taking something that parents take for granted is wholesome, Archie Comics, and now even that is being turned into a promoter of the radical homosexual agenda.

Of course! Not only a gay wedding, but there was a black physical therapist involved! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Obviously the left and the homosexual activist movement is dead-set on promoting homosexuality to impressionable children. This is a comic book that is supposed to represent mid-American values and they are corrupting those values. Homosexuality is for one, often linked to very severe health problems, especially male homosexuality, it’s considered immoral, since time immoral, all of Judeo-Christian history. Yet now, in the name of diversity—and it’s interesting Jim that the left’s diversity framework never seems to include former homosexuals, will we ever see a healthy, happy former homosexual in the movies or in the media in the name of diversity? It is only what the left wants diversity to be is what we see promoted.

A healthy, happy “former homosexual” in the movies? Which kind does Peter want? The kind that Alan Chambers and John Smid basically admit doesn’t exist? I mean, I guess it could be one of those 3-D fantasy films.

Anyway, will let you know the next random thing Peter whines about, because it’s kind of fun to chronicle his continued unraveling.