Rick-SantorumRick Santorum’s absurd bigotry knows no bounds, and is almost as offensive as the fact that he thinks he’s smart:

Speaking at a boarding school in New Hampshire on Friday, Santorum cited an unnamed “anti-poverty expert” to claim that children are better off having a parent in prison who abandoned them than having two same-sex parents.


It’s unclear to which “anti-poverty” expert Santorum was referring, or what the expert’s study said, but it is clear that Santorum is likely distorting it. He isn’t wrong that numerous studies have highlighted the importance of keeping children connected to parents who may be in prison, but none of them include any actual research on comparisons with same-sex families. They may juxtapose a child having no father (i.e. a single mother) with having a father in jail, but it’s completely invalid to compare an abandoned mother to two committed loving mothers.

Numerous conservative groups regularly attempt this “fatherless” rhetorical trap to make a case against same-sex marriage.

Yes they do, because they are liars. I actually referred to this the other day. I never know which conservatives are actively lying when they misuse studies that pit single parents against married opposite-sex parents to condemn gay couples raising children, and which are simply parroting the ignorant crap others have taught them. Santorum, though he fancies himself an intellectual, doesn’t convince me that he has the gray matter to come up with creative lies by himself. It doesn’t matter, because he has irrational bigotry and fear in droves, and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

What is so strange about this line of argument, though, is that only a true believer who has completely lost the ability to reason for himself would buy into it. Theoretically, Rick Santorum is running for president, and I cannot believe that he doesn’t have at least one advisor passionately urging him to cut this sh*t out if he wants to have a prayer of making it past New Hampshire. And the fact that he said this to intelligent high school kids in a boarding school! Does he simply rejoice in making a fool of himself?

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