If you haven’t seen this story, of an older, athletic brother who sticks up for his younger brother who likes “girl” colors and toys, to their Dad no less, stop and read it:

That’s when big brother stepped in. He said to his dad, “It’s my money, it’s my gift to him. If it’s what he wants, I’m getting it for him, and if you’re going to hit anyone for it, it’s going to be me.” Dad just gave his oldest son a strong stern stare-down, and then left the store. Little brother was crying quietly. I walked over and ruffled his hair (yes, this happened all in front of me). I said, “I’m a girl, and I like the color blue, and I like shooting games. There’s nothing wrong with what you like. Even if it’s different than what people think you should.” I smiled, he smiled back (my heart melted!). Big brother then leaned down, kissed little brother on the head, and said, “Don’t worry, dude.”

I’m a bit worried that the older brother seemed to assume that the Dad was going to be hitting one of them. But then again, that’s what happens in families with “traditional values” sometimes.