I loved the 1985 science-fiction novel Ender’s Game when I discovered it in my twenties; the story of a lonely boy learning to become a tough soldier spoke to me at a gut level as I slogged through my own hard years of (non-military) training. My own copy is underlined and dog-eared–it’s that kind of book. Imagine, then, my dismay upon learning that its author, Orson Scott Card, is no friend to LGBT causes. He is particularly outspoken against marriage equality, seeming genuinely to fear the idea, and is a board member of NOM.

According to The Onion’s A.V. Club, Summit Entertainment of Twilight Saga fame is turning Card’s novel into a movie. As much as I care about Ender the character, I don’t want to put any more money into Orson Scott Card’s pocket, nor into those of the actors (including Harrison Ford) who have chosen not to concern themselves with the author’s destructive views in agreeing to portray his characters. This is one movie treatment I’ll be skipping.

[h/t Good As You]