Rob Tisinai of Box Turtle Bulletin has happened upon an interesting online service being offered by one Reverend Bob Larson: a Demon Test®. For $9.95, you can take the test and figure out whether you have a demon–the kind that, according to Larson’s FAQ, “incites sin in the hearts of the morally weak: lust, homosexuality, pedophilia and adultery.” In addition to his stated homophobia, Larson, a televangelist and radio host, has carved out a niche as an exorcist for hire. The countercult Christian Research Institute has referred to Larson’s public exorcisms as “sideshows.”

If you do take the test and learn that you have a demon, you can pay Reverend Bob more money in an Encounter Session or Intensive Session to help you rid yourself of it. What puzzles me is that there seems to be a simpler way: Larson’s own FAQ explains that if you’re worried about having an undetected demon, you probably don’t. Perhaps the Demon Test® might be best purchased as a gift to the possessed, kind of like giving someone a bottle of mouthwash for their birthday.

Tisinai has bravely offered to take the test and find out if he himself has demons:

Encounter Session or Intensive Session — how to choose? It’s like picking between a happy ending and full release.

I have to admit, I’m fascinated. So here’s the deal: If I can get just one of you to sponsor mein the next AIDS/LifeCycle for $10 (or more), I will take the Demon Test® and report back on it.

Gentle readers, I for one can’t wait to find out what Rob learns. At the same time, it saddens me that some people are going to shell out their money to be told that an imaginary being is to blame for the problems in their lives.