It’s becoming a typical story: Republican wingnut politician is politically anti-gay because it’s necessary for the rube vote, while his wife either secretly or publicly supports marriage equality. It actually leads me to suspect that many of the wingnut men actually do not care about the issue, but are craven enough to pretend that they abhor gays to satisfy the worst parts of their bases.

Here’s Diana Fine Cantor, wife of House Majority Leader and known wingnut Eric Cantor, stating her support for marriage equality. I find this significant for one reason, though: it’s been a long time since the anti-gay hate from John McCain or George W. Bush, both of whose wives support marriage equality, seemed sincere. Not so with Eric Cantor, who has been one of the most vocally and actively anti-gay members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

My goodness, she’s also pro-choice.

[h/t Towleroad]