Oh, I usually do not make fun of the same wingnut two posts in a row, but dangit, sometimes you have to. I had just hit publish on this post when my Tweetdeck informed me of a “mention” on the Twitter machine, and wouldn’t you know it was Porno Pete trying to get attention again? Some gay writers engage with him on Twitter. I do not. There is always a better way to spend time than talking to Porno Pete.

But Pete is stepping up to defend Cardinal Francis George, whom TWO is calling upon to resign for repeatedly comparing the LGBT community to the Ku Klux Klan. Here’s a little snippet of Pete’s Twitter feed from the last few minutes:


Set aside the fact that Pete uses Twitter’s 140-character limit as an excuse to write like an eight year-old, but I was always under the impression that wingnuts resort to lines about the “Gay-KK” and the “Gay-stapo” because they’re fundamentally incurious, unintelligent and most of all, uncreative people who have run out of new ways to scream, “We’re the true victims because you won’t give us special rights to discriminate against people we don’t like!”

I’m still under that impression, as are all thinking people who are paying attention.

Also, why is Pete trying to talk to Cardinal George by replying to Truth Wins Out’s Twitter feed? Wrong number, dude.

Here’s the ad, once again, that TWO is running in this Sunday’s Chicago Tribune.