We’re very used to Peter LaBarbera seeing any signs of affection exchanged between two people of the same gender and immediately conflating it with Hot Sex, but usually he does it with men. [Haha, I see what I did there.] We’re not used to seeing him do it with women. [Zing!]

No, seriously, though, Peter LaBarbera saw the now historic picture of the first same-sex Navy “first-off-the-ship” kiss, and immediately his mind went to sex.  He said the following not-so-smart thing on Janet Mefferd’s radio program:

As far as the lowlights, I have to say that the worse would be what’s happened in the military, we just saw the story—we were talking about it off air—of the traditional first kiss of a Navy ship just went to two lesbians intentionally. Under Obama’s Navy, lesbians get the first traditional kiss; the sailor comes off the boat greeted by his spouse which is a woman usually, man-woman, woman-man, but now under Obama this political correctness we’re going to pretend that homosexuality belongs in the military. And actually Obama posted the photo of these two women kissing on his Flickr page which to me is another first—a president posting an indecent photo on his Flickr page because homosexual sex and homosexual practice is still indecent. It doesn’t matter what the trends say what the political correctness says, it matters what the truth is, and we go by the word of God and that’s indecent behavior. And to see our president glorifying it and saying this is one of his greatest accomplishments is really a sad day.

Yeah, here’s that kiss again:

navy kiss

You have to be kinda weird to look at that picture and see nothing but sex. I would hate to imagine a life where I couldn’t recognize the sheer elation of love and reunion without my bigotry getting in the way. It almost makes me feel sorry for Porno Pete.