We wrote about Wendelinus Hamutenya a few weeks ago on this blog, congratulating him for his being the first winner of the Mr. Gay Namibia title. It seems his visibility has made him a target; Mamba Online reports that the 24-year-old financial consultant was recently brutally beaten by two men who demanded his prize money and made off with $200. Thankfully, he was able to talk to the press after being hospitalized:

“The relevance of this incident may [be connected] to my title. Perhaps they thought I had heaps of ‘prize money’ in my pockets. Likely it was my sexual orientation that made me a target – even my political support that angered them. Or perhaps, and most likely, it was just plain and simply out of greed.”

Mamba reports that Hamuntenya remains focused on the upcoming Mr. Gay World competition. We wish him strength and courage.