amyHi, I know this is the Weekend Random Ten before Christmas, but if you came here for Christmas music, you know, sorry. Just not in the mood right now, and not for “bah, humbug!” reasons. I just want to listen to something else. I’ve featured my buddy Amy LaVere here before, and I found her newest record Stranger Me in one of the many weird nooks and crannies in my truck last night, so I’ve been listening to it today. It was in my player and on my iTunes non-stop this summer and she’s been touring the world with the record ever since. If you have not heard her yet, do give it a listen. We in Memphis are incredibly proud of our music. I was thrilled to see that American Songwriter included one of the songs from the record in their list of the Top 50 Songs of 2011. We’re not starting with that song, though. Rather, we’re going to kick things off with the closing track on the record, “Let Yourself Go (Come On),” because that’s the one I want to listen to and I make the rules for this post. Then we’ll hit shuffle on the old iTunes and see where we come up ten songs later, yadda yadda, listen to music, etc., and then you all have a wonderful weekend. If you’re celebrating Christmas, have yourself a merry little one. More videos after the jump!

1. R.L. Burnside – “Walkin’ Blues”
2. Brooke Waggoner – “Go Easy Little Doves, I’ll Be Fine”
3. White Hinterland – “Calliope”
4. Cold War Kids – “Hospital Beds”
5. Sam Bush – “Memphis In The Meantime” [John Hiatt cover]
6. Diamond Rings – “You Oughta Know”
7. Mavis Staples – “You Must Have That True Religion”
8. Robert Belfour – “Pushin’ My Luck”
9. Mike Bloomfield – “Cherry Red” [orig. by Big Joe Turner]
10. Brandi Carlile – “I Will”

Wow, a very Blues and a very Memphis shuffle right there! How incredibly appropriate. And ooh, that Brooke Waggoner song.

Sam Bush – “Memphis In The Meantime”