According to The Advocate’s Andrew Harmon:

On December 9, Life Site News, an antigay and anti-abortion website, reported on the arrest of a Mennonite minister charged with aiding in the international kidnapping of Isabella Miller-Jenkins, a young girl at the center of a long-standing custody dispute who has been missing for more than two years and is believed to be in Nicaragua with her “ex-gay” biological mother.

What the author left out of the story, headlined “Obama Administration Makes New Indictment in Hunt for Girl Claimed by Lesbian,” is that Life Site News itself was mentioned in the criminal complaint against the minister, Kenneth L. Miller, in a curious way. According to the criminal complaint, Kenneth Miller had suggested that Life Site News could act as an intermediary for communication between Lisa Miller and supporters elsewhere.

I’m not saying there is a fire here — but I am choking on the acrid odor of suspicious smoke rising from from the Miller kidnapping and all of the people or institutions that may have aided and abetted in her heartless and illegal activity. It is our sincere hope that the widening web of disturbing connections will unravel and the dots will be connected by the FBI. It is our unfailing desire to see justice served and watch the self-righteous criminals doing the “Perp Walk” on television.

What happened to Isabella and Janet Jenkins is immoral and unconscionable. The sooner this crime syndicate posing as Christians is behind bars the better.