mansonThe few people who have actual arguments against Barack Obama’s policies (most of the ones who speak in complete sentences are actually arguing against him from the Left) are able to articulate their disagreements without resorting to threats of violence.

Not so for the Tea Party. Meet Jules Hanson:

Facebook faux pas: California libertarian and Tea Party darling Jules Manson is caught calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama and his children.

On Sunday, many Facebook users were greeted by the shocking spectacle of a California libertarian and Ron Paul supporter by the name of Jules Manson advocating for the assassination of President Barack Obama. Manson, a failed politician, recently ran for and lost a seat on the City of Carson’s City Council last March.

Ooh, BIG politician! A failed City Council candidate! What’s lower than that?

Here’s what Manson said on Facebook [click to embiggen]:


You have to appreciate that Jules is too stupid to spell fuckin’ correctly, which puts him below most fifth graders.

Is this what the Tea Party really stands for? Is eliminating public officials what they mean by small government?