CatonAnti-gay crusader David Caton is back in the news and this time he is targeting Muslims. The New York Times’ Samuel Freedman reports that Caton is going after advertisers of the show All American Muslim. He apparently thinks that the show is a plot to mainstream Muslims who are surreptitiously trying to trick Americans into thinking they are normal, when they are actually organizing to destroy wholesome Christian families.

In my budding activism years in Florida in the early 1990’s — the LGBT community’s chief foe was Caton of the American Family Association’s and later the Florida Family Association. For those who don’t know, Caton, a porn addict who wrote a book on the subject, was the original Porno Pete. The main difference is that Caton appears genuinely interested in women and doesn’t obsess exclusively on homosexuality.

One of the most hilarious things I remember about this creep was his advice on how not to be tempted by women. Caton warned that when talking to the opposite sex, avoid looking at mouths and instead focus on noses. I’m not sure if this works or just causes nose fetishes.

Here is a May 8, 2003 excerpt from a St. Petersburg Times article:

Sex, nudity and pornography were back on the agenda of the Hillsborough County Commission on Wednesday…In a raucous meeting that featured a burqa-clad protester, shouting matches and sexually laden slights, commissioners narrowly approved letting voters answer a nonbinding ballot question next year on whether to toughen the county’s anti-nudity ordinance. The measure passed 4-3, with commissioners Kathy Castor, Pat Frank and Jan Platt objecting.

More than two dozen people showed up Wednesday to blast the proposal. Many of them did so by ripping the proposal’s citizen sponsor, family rights advocate David Caton, a self-professed reformed porn addict who, in a book about overcoming his compulsion, wrote that his need to masturbate was once more powerful than his need for drugs.

“A professed pornography addict is trying to mislead the public about our crime rates and adult nudity because he can’t control his compulsion,” said citizen activist Ciara Jalandoni…Jalandoni was part of a succession of speakers who described Caton as a “chronic” or “compulsive masturbator,” referring to an admission he made in a 1990 autobiography.

The residents weren’t alone in mocking Caton. Commissioner Pat Frank said his acknowledged past fixation with pornography cast doubt on his credibility.

“That’s going to cost us money that we can ill afford to spend to try to keep Mr. Caton’s temptations away from him,” Frank said. “And that’s what this amounts to … He’s on a one-person crusade to satisfy himself.”

Isn’t it amazing how these types all have serious sexual issues and hate so many different groups of people?