It gets better, Tim!Lots of professional sports teams — mostly in baseball — have made videos for Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project, but no NFL teams have stepped up to the plate yet. There’s a new petition at asking the Denver Broncos to be the first. I think this petition is wonderful and hilarious because Tebow.

Little Timmy Tebow is all the rage right now, idolized by Fundamentalist Christians for his willingness to show off his faith to everyone by kneeling and praying, AKA “Tebowing,” in the middle of the field. Also, his throwing style is quite unique, drawing comparisons to the throwing styles of six year-old girls. Indeed, people are talking about him so much that last night, his name was connected to two of the Republican candidates for losing the presidential election to Barack Obama.

For instance, from last night’s debate:

9.16pm: Asked why he is so rubbish, Rick Perry claims that like star quarterback Tim Tebow – actually not a very good quarterback but he somehow still wins games – he can be better than he looks. “I hope I am the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses,” says Perry. Perry will be lucky to be the Forrest Gump of the Iowa caucuses.

And then yesterday, one of Santorum’s supporter/s said this:

Rick Santorum reached the milestone of visiting all of Iowa’s 99 counties in November, and he’s making return trips now — by car and minivan, rather than bus. Chuck Laudner, a Santorum backer, has been involved in many Iowa campaigns. Laudner suggests Santorum is a bit like the underestimated quarterback of the Denver Broncos who has led the team to a string of surprising victories.

“They’re watching the Tim Tebow of the Republican process out there, working all the way through the 4th quarter,” Laudner told Radio Iowa this morning.

Uh, yeah, wow. Both of those links come from Tbogg by the way.

So yes, I want an “It Gets Better” video from Tim “Aren’t You Glad I Wasn’t An Abortion?” Tebow and his team. And maybe it will even make Timmy himself feel better, next time he’s having one of those games that causes him to cry. It gets better, LGBT kids, and it gets better, Tim Tebow!

Sign the petition here.