that's grossIt’s been a while since we’ve posted a video from Molotov Mitchell of WorldNetDaily. He’s a sad attempt at right-wing humor and “biting” commentary, which fails for all the reasons right-wing “comedians” and commentators always fail, and honestly, unless you really go looking for his work, you’re not going to just run across it. As with all right-wing attempts at being cool, what comes across is a sad, weakling of a man who is so frightened of the world around him that he simply spews hatred at all the people who are smarter than he is. He believes he has gay friends, like so many bigots do. “I have a black friend! I have a gay friend!,” they are known to say. In reality, it’s usually that there’s a gay person or a person of color who lives in their neighborhood, and who tolerates the right-wing idiot in their midst, while making fun of them behind their backs. He expressed support for the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” bill, of course claiming, like so many stupid right-wingers, that it wasn’t about killing gay people, except for the times he pretty much advocated for genocide.

Anyway, Porno Pete is excited about Molotov’s new video where he goes after Dan Savage for saying mean things. I’m not going to defend every single thing Dan has ever said — Dan doesn’t even defend every single thing he’s ever said — but I will point out that while there are those on the side of fairness and humanity who are lit fuses and sometimes pop off, we are actually fighting for good. This is in direct opposition to fundamentalist religious bigots who tend to value “civility” in discourse, all while advocating, for instance, for non-existent policies on teen bullying and promulgating hateful messages which lead to kids taking their own lives. I’ll side with the people who actually fight for good, with a liberal use of the word “f*ck,” thank you.

Moreover, Molotov claims that Dan has bragged about “cheating” on his spouse. Um, no. Dan has explained the arrangement of his marriage many times, and all literate people are free to look that up. But as Dan and Terry’s arrangement is “consensual,” it wins the moral contest over the Fundamentalist Christian version of open marriages, which tends to involve a lot of lying and closet homosexuality.

In this video about Dan Savage, Molotov also expresses his adoration for Rick Santorum, which makes sense, as overgrown WATB child-men with bizarre fixations on gay sex tend to flock together.

Hey Molotov? Actually, a majority of Americans support marriage equality. I know you simply can’t get your small head around that fact, but it’s true. You’ve lost.

Porno Pete adds:

If you haven’t seen Molotov’s previous video “My Gay Friends,” please watch this YouTube of it as well. It is compassionate yet honest Christianity in action and I believe the finest short video ever produced on this H. issue.

The video he’s talking about was universally reviled by gay people. But I will agree that it’s a good example of Porno Pete’s perverted version of Christian love in action. If you want to see it, click on Molotov’s name above and do some scrolling.