inoculated with opposite-sex valuesLike he does every day, because he’s weirdly and unnaturally obsessed with homosexuality. It’s really sad to watch a man in the year 2011, who thinks he can actually run for president by drooling about how much he hates gay people all day long. But it’s entertaining.

Santorum told some people in Iowa that the problem with marriage equality is that it will “normalize same-sex values.”

I have absolutely no clue what that means, and I’m sure you don’t either, but:

Santorum told the students that the legalization of gay marriage would expose the children of parents who oppose homosexuality to gay relationships in the school curriculum.

“One of the impacts of same-sex marriage is the normalization or inoculation of normalization of same-sex values,” Santorum said.

Yeah. Seriously, does that mean anything, because I can’t figure out what it means and I’m pretty experienced with gayness, what with being gay and all.