There’s been a lot of discussion this week about the incident that happened when a lesbian parent likely put her kid up to walking up to Michele Bachmann and saying “My mommy is gay and she doesn’t need fixing.” It’s, of course, a valid statement, but I do agree with those who have expressed reservations about sending a child in to do that sort of thing. Of course, since it did happen, it was newsworthy, especially for Michele Bachmann’s dismissive reaction. On The View this morning, the hosts discussed the incident, and strangely enough, it was resident conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck who kindly explained how Michele Bachmann, despite her views, might have acted more like a grown-up, compassionate, adult human being toward this child. Elisabeth has gotten a lot better over the years on LGBT issues, but man, when a wingnut is being schooled by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, that’s got to suck.

[h/t David Badash]