moronPeter Sprigg of the Family Research Council hate group is always cranky, but the Obama administration’s announcement that they would use foreign aid as leverage in promoting humane policies toward the gay community worldwide has his panties in a special wad:

“It is startling that President Obama is prepared to throw the full weight and reputation of the United States behind the promotion overseas of the radical ideology of the sexual revolution. If he did the same on other issues, his own liberal allies would undoubtedly accuse him of cultural imperialism. Threats to withhold foreign aid from poor countries unless they conform their laws to the views of Western radicals are unconscionable.

“The United Nations, like the United States, remains sharply divided on the issue of whether special rights should be granted on the basis of sexual conduct, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Indeed, we have failed to come to an agreement on special rights such as the parking spaces and Groupons For Gays Only that I personally advocate, but here in the United States a clear majority support equal rights for LGBT people, and the other civilized nations in the world are far ahead of us in that respect.

“President Obama should increase efforts to defend human rights that are widely recognized, such as religious liberty, rather than appeasing his domestic allies by imposing an alien ideology on other countries.”

The only allies Peter Sprigg has left are uneducated hicks, both at home and abroad. He pleads with the Obama administration to leave just this one thing intact, their right to discriminate against LGBT people. Otherwise, fundamentalists far and wide will actually have to start coming to grips with the fact that, when judged by their merits, their contributions to our global society exist on a line between non-existent and destructive.