It’s weird when the War on Christmas starts hitting itself. Join me in asking these Michigan wingnuts, “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?”

A Michigan music teacher’s decision to censor the word “gay” from a traditional Christmas carol is being met with a frosty response.

The teacher, who has not yet been named in any of the published reports, allegedly removed “gay” from “Deck The Halls” after 1st and 2nd grade students kept giggling during preparations for a Christmas concert at Cherry Knoll Elementary School in Traverse City. Instead of the traditional lyric, the students were taught to sing “don we now our bright apparel,” according to

So the kids giggled, and instead of taking a moment to have an educational conversation with the children about words having multiple meanings, this alleged “educator” freaked out and removed the word, replacing it with “bright.”

Confusing still, because the sun is “bright,” but “bright” can also refer to the intelligence of a 1st grader, or the sound of certain Japanese grand pianos. Words is hard!

Anyway, people’s reactions on the school’s Facebook page are hilarious:



And again, I repeat, words is hard! And also, people is dumb. Luckily, happy ending:

As notes, however, Principal Chris Parker has said he is disappointed in the music teacher’s decision to change the lyrics to the song, and the students are, in fact, now back to singing the original version.

Sanity wins, for once!